February 26, 2015

There is a sexy new nordic inspired cafe in Toronto. Even though they were still in their soft-opening when I went, I couldn't help but to take some photos. Look at these lines and the furniture! I loved the mixture of the industrial walls with luxurious furniture and sheepskin throws. The curated magazine selection begs you to linger around.
It was a very Scandinavian day - that evening I went to dinner with Alana at Karelia Kitchen, and caught up with Fallon who introduced me to this book. I can't wait to do spring cleaning, assuming that spring will actually arrive at some point.
514 King Street East  |  Corktown, Toronto

2015 Copenhagen photo calendar

February 13, 2015

I finally finished designing my own calendar featuring photos from Copenhagen for each month. I hate my yellow walls, but they are looking much better now with a little bit of art.

Each page is 8.5" x 11" on 100lb stock matte paper. $20 each, and I will gladly ship everywhere! Click below to purchase.
available through:


January 15, 2015

It was WAY too cold in Montreal to take very many photos. You would think that a Canadian would be able to bear the cold, but that is not really true. Here are just a few frames from walking around the city.

New Years Eve was so. much. fun. We spent it seeing a DJ spin at Société des Arts Technologiques where the dome roof made for the BEST light show I have ever seen. We got to our destination in the nick of time (literally received our order of shots just as the countdown began), it is one of my favourite stories to tell. We got home at around 5am.

I also got to see my friend Joey, who I worked and lived in a mountain town with in Italy. Otherwise, the cold (and the hangover) prevented an excessive amount of exploring that I am usually prone to. I am sensing a return to the city for Osheaga this summer. Here are just a few places I enjoyed:

Toronto staycation

January 10, 2015

I got together with my Copenhagen girls, Robyn and Miina, to do some reuniting and exploring as soon as Christmas break started. We started at Terroni for authentic pizza, and ended the night at a somewhat (completely) awkward party that we were definitely too old for. It was kind of hilarious. The next morning, Miina and I went to the Distillery District for some Christmas shopping, Balzac's, and walking around. Then we headed to the AGO to see the Michael-Angelo exhibit right after getting some Vietnamese food in Chinatown. A totally indulgent stay-cation, yet a necessary break from school.


January 04, 2015

The best way that I can describe 2014  is as a year of contrasts. All of the incredible emotional highs that I experienced were met with emotional and mental lows - a condition that I find to be very reflective of life. As I further seek balance in my life (my greatest struggle!) this year was certainly not the one when I figured it all out. I over-indulged in everything - food, friendship, culture and travelling, partying - while I lived hedonistically in Denmark. Coming home to a lack of all of these things was a difficult adjustment. It still is.

I lived in the city of my dreams. My bike was amongst my greatest companions for six months, and I rode it home through the colourful streets of Copenhagen at 6am regularly in the spring and summer. The sun would be rising and I would dream of my bed in these early morning hours. Somehow, these post-bar memories are my fondest because I felt so free. Amongst my fondest memories, I got to see the beauty that Iceland has to offer with a dear friend. Iceland made me feel reflective, and my favourite moments from the trip were intangible fleeting feelings and were not caught on camera. I have always appreciated travel, but this trip brought it to the next level. It was here that I realized that it is not a luxury, but a necessity in my life. It was here that I seriously considered never going home until I had seen every corner of the earth. I wish I had done so.

I can hardly believe how many wonderful and like-minded people have slipped into my life this year. My new friends from exchange and grad school are here to remind me that life just goes on even on days when it is a fucking difficult pursuit to get the fuck out of bed and take a shower. The coming and going of people in my life has taught me that every season of life is just that: a season that will come and go, come and go. Never a destination, always a journey. I have found that even my ties with old friends have gotten even tighter as we all get more comfortable with this post-graduate season. I am so grateful to have such incredible friends. I am also grateful to have the most incredible parents who have seen me through everything this year. Whereas before I always regarded myself as independent, it was the people in my life that got me over mountains this year. I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you for listening to me (a lot) and for healing me and for caring.

I have never felt so high, and I have never felt so low, as I have during this past year. I am happy to say that all of these experiences have resulted in my having a clearer picture of what I want in life, where I want to end up, who I want to be, and the kind of people I wish to surround myself with. I send lots of love from me to you for 2015, and a humble thank you for following along with my adventures! It really means the world to me.

Rang in 2014 on a frozen lake with friends and champagne. It was -30 degrees the next day.

My parents and I took a trip to Cuba for some family time and sun before I left.
I arrived in Copenhagen on January 25th.
I shared a room with the most positive and fun girl - we quickly went from strangers to close pals.
Celebrated Canada's double olympic gold metals in hockey by watching friends swim in the freezing harbour.
Spent a freezing February day in a Swedish sauna house. Mamlö (where the plot of my new favorite TV show, The Bridge, takes place).

Lunch at the Black Diamond Library. It was abroad that I began to get interested in architecture and design.

The most touristy thing you can do in Copenhagen is sit at a Nyhavn patio and drink warm irish coffee while wrapped in a thick blanket.

Frequent potluck dinners and brunches at our student apartment. They were always impressive, and there were never leftovers.

Everyday was a day for exploring. Coffee at The Coffee Collective.

Breakfast at Grød - showing off Copenhagen to a friend of a friend.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - taking a break to enjoy the view.

I got very very sick for about a week, and my friends sent me flowers to look at while binge watching New Girl.

I spent more time planning the Iceland trip than I did studying.
Exploring Vesterbro, Summerbird chocolate in hand.
Passing through Odense on our Danish road trip.
Rainbow walk in the ARoS Museum. Aarhus, Denmark.
Møns Klint, Denmark.
Easter brunch - prosecco and crepes with the works. We spent the rest of the aftenoon day-drinking and sunbathing in the harbour in a very, very nostalgic tone.

Spent an afternoon watching the clouds roll by and eating marzipan chocolate Easter eggs.
A memorable Robert Doisneau photo exhibit in a quaint art gallery.
Business cards.
We thoroughly enjoyed eating our way through Berlin. One of the coolest cities I have seen.
Caught some German boys at sunset.
I enjoy being friends with people who are easily excitable over great coffee and baked goods.
Exploring Iceland with Fallon, conveniently located in the middle of Denmark + Canada.
Farmhouse accomodation in Southeast Iceland.
The Kex Hostel in Reykjavik.
Danish strawberries are the only things that matter in June. Experiencing Copenhagen transform into summertime was magical.
Distortion 2014 - a five day street music festival and overall huge city-wide party in Copenhagen. Some of the best fun I have ever had.

The late sunsets encouraged evening walks around the neighbourhood as a sense of nostalgia set in for all of us.
Pizza and beer by the lakes, my favorite part of Copenhagen.
Many of my early summer evenings were spent drinking beer at Dronning Louises Bro.
An organic veggie dog, mashed potatoes, pickled beets, and the best pickles. Truly Dansk.
I love heights, but jumping off of this into the harbour baths was a terrifying way to cool off.
As the semester ended and everyone parted, I enjoyed my solo breakfasts of sykr and muesli, followed by slow days of exploring.
Goats in Nørrebro.
July 10th, I left Copenhagen in tears with a promise to be back.
Chicago was three days of partying with not enough exploring of the city inbetween. Lollapalooza was incredible. I love music festivals.
Visiting Miina at her family's thousand Island cottage - we only spoke about how much we missed Copenhagen for about half of the time.
Camping in the Bruce Peninsula.
Fallon, Evergreen Brick Works.
Riot Fest in Toronto marked the end of the summer.
I started graduate school and Scandinavianized my new apartment.
Fall convocation, received my undergraduate degree.
Apple pie for Thanksgiving.
The Toronto skyline on the night that I met MØ at her concert.
My brother gets engaged.
Art Gallery of Ontario - exploring Toronto during the Christmas break.

Escaping the unbearable Montreal cold.

Spent the last few days of 2014 in Montreal. Note to self: take more last minute trips.Previous years: 2013 | 2012

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