December 30, 2013

I bought a lot of new cookbooks and tried a lot of new recipes. I visited Alberta, British Columbia, New York City and Boston. I drove around Vancouver Island for five days. I fell for this gorgeous country. I fell even harder for the mountains. I snowshoed in just a sweater and kayaked in the rain. My interest in travelling to South America and Asia peeked. I found out that I will be studying and living in Denmark for 6 months. I actually scored a few photography real gigs. I recently deleted my Twitter account. I felt a lot of anxiety (ahem, am still feeling a lot of anxiety) about post-graduate "plan". What the fuck am I going to do now? I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls. I listened exclusively to Trouble Will Find Me throughout spring and summer. I read books and watched documentaries on nutrition and wellness. I started juicing, and I stopped eating animal meat. I began to truly care about the environment and nature. I rekindled with old friends.

I didn't read enough books. I forgot to brings bags to the grocery store too often. There were some situations where I wish I acted more like an adult. Sometimes I was too lazy to put the banana peels into the compost. I didn't open up to people as my heart wants me to. I experienced one too many hangovers. I saw someone that I care about deal with a devastating loss. I fought with people and I didn't forgive enough. I broke down over the future, and felt awkward about the past. I still haven't watched It's A Wonderful Life.

I really haven't been much for words and social media and blogging these days. But I can't resist doing a 2013 wrap up post. So here it is, some stand out memories from the past year.

Birthday flowers delivered to me on campus.
22nd Birthday, so so so spoiled.
Running to school in snow covered Guelph.
Fisrt gig at OX Guelph. With my Rebel.
Croissant making.
Beautiful British Columbia met and exceeded my expectations.
So happy amongst foggy trees. Lynn Valley, Vancouver.
Slack-lining with strangers. Stanley Park, Vancouver.
Rain and fog, wouldn't have had it any other way. Tofino, Vancouver Island.
Home base, Tofino.
The raincoat that saved the week.

Springtime portraits.
"Dear Lana Pribic, Following your application for admission to the University of Copenhagen, we are pleased to notify you of your admission as an Exchange student..."
Ouderkirk and Taylor, Guelph.

Brooklyn garden with Jomarie. Brooklyn, New York.
Fika in Brooklyn, the blackest coffee for a rainy day.
Rode trip to Boston to see The National. Highlight? We stalked the drummer on the street. Boston, Massachusetts. 
Last stop in Boston: Lobster rolls, of course!
Summer of Wednesdays with Alicia.
Trying to eat ice cream before it melts.
Parents at a country summer wedding.

Yoga photoshoot with dear Fallon.
Lauren showing off Calgary. 
ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Banff, Alberta.
Hitch-hiked. Lake Louise, Alberta.

Solitude in the city. Calgary, Alberta.

More work for OX.

Bellwoods Brewery with Jomarie. Toronto.
Back to school with the sunniest and warmest fall I can remember.
Homecoming (we won!), beers, and slacklining.
Antique Market.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie, first pie I've ever made from scratch.

First wedding gig.
Christmas Brunch.All the best in the new year. I'm just about ready for a fresh start and I can't wait to see what growth and opportunities 2014 will bring... It's going to be a good one. A scary one. A big one. But a good one. Tomorrow I'm driving three hours north (muffins in tow) to spend New Years in a house on a frozen lake with 3 old friends.see 2012 here.


  1. It sounds like you've had a past year! I've enjoyed following your adventures on Instagram and this blog. Thanks so much for sharing and best of luck in Denmark! You've inspired me to be more adventurous, take more photos (carry my camera everywhere) and love food again ( I mean, I love having fun with it, trying new recipes) Thank you!! And Happy New Year! :)


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