the lakes

June 24, 2014

All I listen to lately is a collection of songs from the past semester - simply called CPH on youtube. Especially this tune. It has absolutely no consistent theme (other than being constantly hummed by me and everyone I hang out with), but it has still been carefully curated and it makes me the happiest.
My mind has opened up immensely during the past 6 months (and not just in terms of music), and I have the wonderful people I have hung out with to thank for that.

I have sent off all of my main-hangs in the past two weeks, and I am here in Copenhagen for a few more weeks. Although I will miss my friends being around all the time - there is no one's door to knock on when I feel like just chatting, no one to share a meal with when I make way too much, no one to bug for whatever ingredient I am missing, no one to come for an evening stroll with me - I look forward to having time to myself. I have gotten so accustomed to constantly being around people so this situation will be a good transition phase for going back to Canada.One of the best things about Copenhagen is that you can grab friends, pizzas, beers, and sit in one of the many green spaces in the city while the sun lingers forever, while beautiful Danes walk by and you try to keep your hormones in check, and while your bike waits for you to take it home whenever you feel like it. I think I have decided that the lakes are my favourite part of the city. I feel the need to at least ride past there once a day.


  1. Pizza in the park, can't go wrong with that :)

  2. Your blog is good for the soul!


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